Definition of ...Asset


A useful or valuable thing or person
An item of property owned by a person or company, regarded as having value and available to meet debts, commitments or legacies….


Property , resources, estate holdings, possessions, effects, goods, valuables, belongings, chattels, worldly goods, capital, funds, wealth, principal, money, riches, means, deep pockets, fortune, finance, reserves, savings, securities…

Metro Asset Realty through Metro Asset Management provides bespoke Private Asset Management services to owners for not only Real Estate and property but for many types of Assets.

Would you like to remain in complete control of your asset whilst being alleviated of the day to day management and accounting issues?

The Metro Group of Companies allows you to do just that by taking full responsibility and freeing you up to do what matters most to you.

We are able to tailor our management service to suit any need, with the additional benefits of ensuring that you the Owner is able to budget for, control and identify all expenditure and future maintenance requirements of the asset.

Our Private Asset Management Services include:

  • The complete financial and physical management of your investment property, residence/s or vessel.
  • The Creation of individual trust fund account for the specific asset, is house, holiday home, wholly owned apartment buildings, separate residences or multiple properties, boats or other.
  • Submitting of quartile levies notices to the principal in accordance with the agreed budget.
  • The payment of all invoices for service providers to the asset, any payments to the contractors etc did not forsee etc. in the budget.
  • The running and daily maintenance and care taking of your asset.